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Welcome to the Immigration National Storage Center (I.N.S. Center)

What is My I.N.S. Center?

Do you worry that your immigration papers are lost?

Could you find your immigration papers when you need them?

Do you want your immigration papers all in one place and easy access from anywhere in the world?

Our I.N.S. Center is the solution.  We store all your immigration records in a SECURED server with REDUNDANCY backup protections.  All your submitted immigration papers copies (you keep the originals) will be in one place and accessible to you using the Internet with a provided SECURED log-in 24/7.  Click here - Example of  I.N.S. Center screen shoots.

My I.N.S Center cost?

The I.N.S Center is FREE (included) for our clients utilizing our Legal Services.  In the case where you are are interested in signing up with our I.N.S Center to store your immigration records but not utilizing our Legal Services, a one-time set up fee and a nominal annual fee to maintain our servers are charged.

  1. The one time set up fee is $60 per client:  For collecting your pertinent immigration data and documents via Internet-based questionnaires (AVAILABLE in 10 languages:  English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Korean)
  2. The (each year) annual fee is $240 per client ($20/month):  To maintain and update your immigration data on our redundant secure servers and your access to the data 24/7 via the Internet.

Note: The fee is for a 2Gig equivalent of data Storage which is more than most will need.

How do I sign up for My I.N.S Center? 

Very simple:

  1. Click on the PAYPAL button below to pay the initial required $300 fee ($240 after annually).  ENTER YOUR EMAIL IN THE DESCRIPTION FIELD during checkout.
  2. An Email with instruction on how to access our I.N.S. Center server with your secure log-in ID and password will be sent to you via your entered Email after the payment is cleared (normally within a business day).

NOTE: Our current clients are automatically eligible and added to My I.N.S Center – FREE of charge.

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