Starting your own business is a very exciting, scary¬†and rewarding adventure – all at the same time. ¬†I have started, managed and assisted many clients through different steps of their company’s life cycles. Make sure you do have (at the minimun) a good and experienced lawyer,¬†and accoutant in your team to guide you through the processes.



Below are summaries of the steps that you should be considering:

  1. Business plan?  Funding?
  2. Company name?  Web name?
  3. Corp entity? S or C Corporation, LLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, Non Profit?
  4. Fed Tax ID registration (a.k.a. Fed or IRS EIN)?
  5. State registration?
  6. County registration and Publication? Reseller License?
  7. City registration and License?
  8. Leasing agreements?
  9. Insurances (liability / work comp / Health / Medical / …..)?
  10. Bank, Merchant account and payroll (do you have a good accountant already)?
  11. Advertising and Marketing?
  12. Inspections?
  13. Hiring policies? Background or Creditability checks? Employment policies?

Quick Business Calculators

US Small Business Administration – SBA (a lot of good info)